A Blog by Josh Adams


I’m a software developer based near San Francisco, California. As a proud New England native, I pronounce “aunt” like it rhymes with “flaunt”.

Although my primary language of late is Swift, I have also used Atari BASIC, GFA BASIC, HyperTalk, C++, C, SQL, Perl, PL/SQL, Java, Objective-C, BASH, and JavaScript.

I recently released iOSExpert, a video course about getting a job as an iOS developer. Subjects of the course include concurrency, unit testing, take-home projects, and interviews.

I co-created the iPhone app for San Francisco Airport taxi drivers. In my not-so-copious spare time, I have released four apps: Conjuguer, Conjugar, RaceRunner, and Immigration, as well as a variety of open-source projects.

My interests outside software are wide-ranging and include running, linguistics, population genetics, history, geography, podcasts, cats, and jam bands.

This website started as a clone of Jesse Squires’s website. I thank Mr. Squires for sharing his implementation.

You can contact me here.

Josh Adams