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Dependency Injection in Practice

Preparation and Techniques

Dependency injection makes unit testing possible and development easier. This post describes the process of preparing an app for dependency injection, as well as implementing three approaches to dependency injection: constructor injection, Swinject, and The World.


Non-Optional, Constant Properties

One Advantage of Programatic Layout over Interface Builder

In a tutorial I created last year, I described advantages of programmatic layout (PL) over Interface Builder (IB). I recently became aware of another: PL permits use of non-optional, constant properties of view controllers. IB does not. I share this advantage here for the benefit of readers.


Migrating This Website to HTTPS

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Secure-Socket Layer

I recently converted racecondition.software to HTTPS. This post discusses this change and will act as a smoke test, by which I mean that if this post doesn’t show up in my RSS reader, I will have more work to do.