In the 5.5 years that Immigration has been in the iOS App Store, several Android-device owners have asked me about an Android port. Immigration is my one side-project app that makes actual money, and I believe that the port represents a business opportunity.

Wave Organ

Pedagogic Android App Showing San Francisco's Wave Organ

On a related note, I have inchoately desired to learn Kotlin and Android development for some time. Experience has taught that having a specific goal in mind is strong motivation for learning a complicated subject. I have therefore started learning Kotlin and Android development with the goal of porting Immigration to Android. The screenshot above shows some initial progress.

I plan to write a blog post sharing my subjective impressions from these learnings. The post you are reading now is a preview of that post. I created this preview for two reasons. First, having shared this preview, I have no excuse not to write the subjective-impressions post. Second, I am inviting readers to email me suggestions for Android-and-Kotlin learning resources.

Although the focus of this blog is and will remain iOS development, iOS-developer readers will derive value from the subjective-impressions post because it will provide insights on iOS development itself, just as my exposure in France to a modus vivendi that is quite different from my own taught me that I like to eat dinner around 6:00 PM, not 9:00 PM, and stand at least three feet away from interlocutors.